Asset Nexus – Available Only Through Law Firms

At Asset Nexus, we do not offer our services directly to consumers. We believe in maintaining the solicitor/client relationship, and our entire ethos is based around encouraging client engagement.

All direct queries from consumers received by Asset Nexus are referred to legal professionals.

How it Works

When a client uses your firm for legal services, you can offer them the option of using the Asset Nexus platform free of charge.

You don’t need to be experienced digital marketer – let Asset Nexus do the work for you.

The benefits to your firm are;

  • A digitized, central Wills Register stored securely on the cloud
  • Seamless integration with your case management software
  • A digital platform that proactively markets your firm with minimum expense
  • Instant access to your client’s estate and assets when instructed on probate
  • Improved billing due to reduced time on non-billable work
  • Ability to retain business through wills and probate
  • Option to increase your client base through existing client networks
  • Use in-built video conference, chat and other tools to engage with busy young clients who prefer this method of communication

Advantages To Your Clients

Asset Nexus is designed with you and your clients in mind.

Over time, your clients can monitor and self-manage their legacy throughout their lifetime.

We offer them a free legacy management tool that will help raise awareness of any shortcomings in their financial plans and maximise their estate.

Asset Nexus allows your clients to;

  • Receive clear insight into their Net Present Value
  • Track the value of their assets consistently over time
  • Set realistic goals to ensure their legacy targets can be reached
  • Keep a digital copy of their Will on the cloud to ensure their wishes will be met when they’re gone
  • Inform their executor, beneficiaries, trustees and friends of the whereabouts of their Will (if they so wish)
  • Ensures that their Will is never lost and that that their estate is administered as per their wishes

The Administration of Estates

The process by which estates have been administered worldwide has gone unchanged for many, many years.

Lawyers have been adhering to the antiquated systems used for far too long, and while other industries have been modernised, it seems that the probate sector has been slow to adapt.

It is as a result of this lack of development that Asset Nexus was conceived. Our aim is to modernise the way that probate is administered worldwide, by providing real, tangible value to lawyers and their clients alike.

Our technology will help educate consumers about the status of their net present value, which in turn will help them make more informed decisions as to what steps to take to maximise their legacy.

Given the complexities and sensitivities of estate administration, Asset Nexus also encourages the use of legal professionals to its consumers to ensure the protection of their legacies.

Working with lawyers and their clients, Asset Nexus is a secure, reliable and user-friendly platform that has been devised to ultimately benefit all stakeholders involved.


Ancillary Services

As a legal practitioner, you will be aware of the many third party service providers that may need to be engaged when administering an estate.

Given the nature of the probate process, lawyers often have to find experts in various disciplines to assist with the task at hand.

To this end, Asset Nexus provides the facility whereby legal professionals will no longer need to search for various suppliers within their industry. Rather, our platform allows for lawyers to outsource any third party requirements at the click of a button. This ancillary service offering will help streamline the administration process while maximizing your firm’s efficiency levels.

Services will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction but will include some of the following;

  1. Probate Valuations
  2. Transfer and Selling of Overseas Assets
  3. Retrieval of PPSN/s for Overseas Beneficiaries(ROI)
  4. Property Clearance
  5. Bankruptcy Searches
  6. Asset Searches
  7. Missing Will Searches
  8. Tracing Missing Next of Kin/Beneficiaries
  9. Sourcing Probate Indemnities


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